Induction Powered Sensor Operation


an innovative apporach to power your sensor by induction : iPSOTM

Induction powered sensor operation (iPSO):


Electrical sub stations with their transformers are together with the electric gird the major backbone of modern
societies and their infrastructure. Monitoring the dynamic behaviour of sub stations on the grid level 220 and 345
500 kV, but also 110 kV, is of high relevance in seismic regions globally.

A robust, autonomous and remote controllable triaxial vibration sensor helps not only to measure the dynamic
response and performance of the sub station equipment, but also a quick assessment of the situation and
necessary actions. 

In order to address the market needs and utility demand, a new device* has been developed, providing 100%
autonomy and extremely low maintenance.



The product consists of a battery charging system based on power transformer leakage flux The power harvested from the magnetic field of the transformer provides USB Output of 5 V, 5 mA (requiring a field of 100 m T to feed the seismic sensor. Below is the picture of the prototype induction box.



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* Patents by SDA engineering EU 3499243 and US 11 283 293 Apparatus for monitoring a current carrying device